Top EaseUS backup solution makes your business run healthily

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  •  Like any good backup tool, it will back up your entire system's current state, data, settings and what you want it to. 

  •  The Best Free Backup Tool in Existence. Back up partitions, restore partitions & individual files with highly useful backup program. 

  •  You get an easy to use solution that covers the needs of most users. It can create bootable copies of the system drive. 

  •  EaseUS Todo Backup Server provides a large assortment of advanced features and tools to prevent tragic data loss. 


Users Say

  • Bala K        

     You are the best. I have successfully cloned the Hdds. I installed the new one in my laptop and everything is back to original state with additional space - the way I wanted it. 

  • Urban        

     One of the best backup programmes, has actually saved my ass a number of times. Recommended! 

  • Steve Hart        

     I’ve used the Todo Backup very happily for a number of years. home version has more functions I need, already place the order. 

  • Rick Hawkins        

     Unbelievably easy to use and full of just the right features. If you are migrating your data or backing up your system, this is the software for you.