The Easiest Mac Optimizing Tool for Best Mac Performance

EaseUS CleanGenius for Mac is the best optimizing software under macOS or previous Mac OS X to keep Mac running at optimal performance

Mac Cleaner

EaseUS CleanGenius for Mac cleans up all junk files, large files, or useless files to free up much more disk space on Mac hard drive. Never make your Mac slow down by system caches, cookies, user caches, system logs, user logs, downloads, trash, Safari internet cache, etc. At the same time, always keep your privacy protected.

Clean up Browser Plug-ins

Remove browser plug-ins, extensions, cookies and caches from popular web browser like Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox while it will not remove the bookmarks and history.

Free Memory

Free up RAM in your Mac that running applications are occupied and slowing down the system in the process. Make the best usage of your internal memory to speed up system running.

Startup Optimization

Easy optimizing software for Mac allows users to decide whether applications start automatically every time you launch your Mac and keep control on all startup items to run your Mac faster and much more smoothly. Also you can also schedule and set up shut down time of your Mac computers and apps.

Duplicate Finder

EaseUS Mac optimizing software can easily find duplicate files or identical copies exactly at fast speed. Accumulated file copies occupy much disk space to impede Mac operation. Removing such kind of duplicate files makes sense for better disk usage and higher Mac performance without low disk problems.

App Uninstaller

EaseUS Mac cleaning and optimizing tool helps to uninstall futile applications and manage disk space efficiently. Just drag your useless apps into Trash, along with all caches, logs and preferences completely and make your disk usage well-organized.

What’s New in Version ?

  • Fresh user interface with redesigned interaction process
  • New browser plug-ins clean up features to speed up web browsing and Mac running
  • Improve duplicated files cleanup and fast cleanup features to optimize Mac performance

How to Use EaseUS CleanGenius for Mac?

Take disk cleaning and system optimizing tasks in just few clicks. Use EaseUS CleanGenius for Mac to speed up your Mac computer and keep Mac running for the best performance.

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New macOS and Previous Mac OS X Compatibility

EaseUS CleanGenius for Mac is fully compatible with macOS 10.13(High Sierra), macOS 10.12, Mac OS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7

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