Backup & Recovery Solution for Windows

Award-Winning image backup & recovery software protects your Windows PCs/laptops/Servers from disasters and delivers you the greatest data security.

EaseUS Mac Backup Software COMING NOW

Your Mac is always protected by EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac. Back up everything easily and restore files or system fast. Besides, backup archive, disk cloning and file synchronization also included.


Regular Backup Ensures Forever Data Safety

EaseUS Todo Backup Software Backs up and Recovers Everything Important

Trusted by Millions of World Leading Clients


  •  Like any good backup tool, EaseUS Backup will back up your entire system's current state, data, settings and what you want it to. 

  •  EaseUS Todo Backup is the Best Free Backup Tool in Existence. Back up partitions, restore partitions & individual files with highly useful backup program. 

  •  You get an easy to use EaseUS Backup solution that covers the needs of most users. It can create bootable copies of the system drive. 

  •  EaseUS Todo Backup Server provides a large assortment of advanced features and tools to prevent tragic data loss. 


Users Say

  • Rick Hawkins        

     Unbelievably easy to use and full of just the right features. If you are migrating your data or backing up your system, EaseUS Todo Backup is the software for you. 

  • Kevin        

     We use EASEUS Todo Backup Workstation. The software achieves a good compression rate and is much faster at completing backups than some of its competitors.  

  • Joe Morris        

     My computer informed me that my hard drive could fail soon. Easeus Backup to the rescue. New ( and bigger ) hard drive. To Do Backup and Partition Master saved the day. 

  • Urban        

     EaseUS Backup is one of the best backup programmes, has actually saved my ass a number of times. Recommended!